So the rebuild was slower than expected due to parts shortages, particularly ARP bolts and Cometic head gaskets, but also from an out-of-spec rod bearing. But, it's pretty much done now.

Parts list:

Part P/N Notes Cost
Cylinder head machine work Auto Parts Machine $474
Engine block machine work Auto Parts Machine $315
Balance, polish, straighten crankshaft Crankshaft Craftsman $150
Short block assembly labor Immortan Automotive $500
Exhaust manifold machining (warped from age) $60
ACL Race main bearings $62
King rod bearings $40
Mazda OEM thrust washer ZJY1-11-SJ0 $48
ARP main studs 218-5401 $97
ARP head studs 218-4701 $125
ARP flywheel bolts 251-2802 $36
Wiseco piston set, 84mm 8.8:1 K553M84 $483
Manley connecting rods 14011 $385
Fluidampr crank pulley 521001 $413
FlyinMiata 36-2 trigger wheel For MegaSquirt $45
Boundary billet oil pump BP-S1, 2 shims $299
Supertech dual valve springs SPRK-MM18D Heavy, 9000rpm $379
Supertech head gasket HG-MM18BP-85.3-1T 85.3mm, .0040" $90
FlyinMiata timing belt kit Previous purchased -