#1 - 1991 Eagle Talon

The one, the original, my sole naturally aspirated Eagle Talon. It was a turd, but a reliable turd.

#2 - 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo

Definitely an upgrade in performance and handling.

#3 - 1998 Audi A4 1.8t Quattro

Sacrifices were made when upgrading to four doors.

#4 - 2007 Mazdaspeed6

Cured the lack in performance.

#5 - 2012 BMW 135i

NOPOWER moniker is just funny now.

#6 - 2017 Lincoln MKZ

My compliments to whomever it was at Lincoln who thought a 400bhp 3 liter twin turbo V6 was a good idea, and further compliments to HP Tuners for the ability tune it to near 500bhp.

#7 - 2021 Lincoln Corsair

My first ever new-new car, and first tow vehicle (for the Exocet). The 325bhp 2.7 liter twin turbo is a bit less powerful than the MKZ was but it'll do.