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Exocet - NOPOWER

December 2022

Sold, gone to a new home in California.

May 2022

Fall 2020


2020 Exomotive Exocet Sport


2004 Mazdaspeed Miata GT

Retained Components

An Exocet remains almost entirely Miata, regardless of it's outward appearance. Here's a mostly complete listing of what's retained from the Miata when building an Exocet, going from front to rear. What's in italics* are items I chose to upgrade in the course of this project. Some other items were simply replaced due to their age or other changes I made, like a new NB radiator and a non-ABS brake master cylinder, both of which are still stock replacement components.

  • Intercooler*, radiator
  • Horn*
  • Front subframe, struts, springs, control arms, ball joints, wheel hubs
  • Brake master cylinder, booster, proportioning valve*, calipers, rotors, pads
  • Full long-block engine*, turbo*, flywheel, clutch*, transmission, shifter*
  • Motor mounts*, differential mounts*, suspension bushings*
  • Engine oil catch can*
  • ECU*, engine wiring harness, engine sensors, O2 sensors*
  • Steering rack, tie rods, steering column, steering wheel
  • Turbo downpipe*, midpipe*, axle-back exhaust*
  • Instrument cluster*, blinker switch assembly, ignition switch
  • Seats*, seat rails*, seat belt*
  • Power plant frame, driveshaft, rear differential, axles
  • Rear subframe, struts, springs, control arms, ball joints, wheel hubs
  • Battery*
  • Fuel tank*, fuel pump*, fuel level sensor*
  • Wheels, tires*

Performance Modifications

Engine and suspension performance parts specific to a Mazdaspeed Miata, regardless of the fact it's in an Exocet chassis (read: I would have done all this anyway if I had kept the Miata whole.)


  • Wiseco piston set, 84mm 8.8:1, with Manley connecting rods (blog post)
  • Boundary billet oil pump (2 shims, 72psi)
  • Fluidampr crank pulley, FlyinMiata 36-2 trigger wheel
  • Supertech dual valve springs, stock valves
  • ARP main studs, rod bolts, head studs, exhaust manifold studs, flywheel bolts
  • BNR Mitsubishi EVO3 16G (blog post)
  • Stock exhaust turbo exhaust manifold, turbo outlet
  • Megan Racing turbo downpipe, Flyin' Miata cat-back exhaust (blog post)
  • CXRacing 23.5" x 13" x 3" turbo intercooler (blog post)
  • HKS Super SQV4 Sequential blow off valve, Black Edition (blog post)
  • Amp Efi MS3Pro EVO MegaSquirt (blog post)
  • Deatschwerks 350il fuel pump, AEM fuel pressure regulator
  • Deatschwerks 1050x injectors
  • Innovate Motorsports LC-2 wideband with Bosch LSU 4.9 O2 sensor
  • Mishimoto compact baffled oil catch can, 3-port, black
  • Mishimoto radiator, custom catch can (12oz Sneaky Pete NOS bottle)
  • Exomotive stainless steel fuel line


  • Stock [rebuilt] 6-speed transmission (blog post)
  • Stock flywheel, driveshaft, 4.1:1 Torsen limited slip differential, axles
  • FlyinMiata Level 1 clutch kit (blog post)
  • MiataRoadster shift kit: +4" taller, angled, satin black (blog post)


  • Conversion to stock Miata NB non-ABS brake master cylinder (blog post)
  • Wilwood brake proportioning valve for rear brakes (blog post)
  • Exomotive stainless steel brake lines
  • Stock Mazdaspeed "sport" brake calipers
  • Power Stop drilled/slotted brake rotors, Z23 Evolution ceramic brake pads


  • Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings, including rear diff (blog post)
  • Stock springs, stock Mazdaspeed sway bars, stock replacement Bilstein struts
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R 225/45R17 on stock 17x7 Racing Harts (blog post)

Driveability Customizations

These are parts specific to making the Exocet roadworthy. In other words, I [likely] wouldn't have wanted or needed most of these if I had stuck to the Miata chassis.


  • Braille B129 battery and mount
  • Motogadget mo.unit blue (blog post)
  • Megasquirt PiDash instrumentation, 12.6" display (blog post)
  • MSD solid-state relay kit
  • Blue Sea Systems 40A circuit breaker
  • LED headlights with blinker halo (blog post), LED light bar
  • Backup light, brake lights, license plate lights


  • De-powered stock steering rack


  • Sparco Sprint competition seats, universal track set / slider (blog post)
  • RaceQuip 6-point camlock racing harness set, and adult arm restraints
  • H3R Performance MX250B fire extinguisher (blog post)
  • TEK208 quick release fire extinguisher mount
  • HELLA twin tone air horn kit (003001651), came with the donor (blog post)
  • HELLA twin supertone horn kit (blog post)
  • Emgo black rectangular side mirrors


  • Various roll-bar mounted storage bags (blog post)

Build Budget

If you want to see the scary details, including all the part numbers for the above components, please see my ongoing budget tracker.