Who got towed home tonight? This guy.


Side-of-the-road diagnostics? Trigger wheel is no longer connected to the crankshaft. I could physically wiggle the trigger wheel.

Disassembly time. Crank position sensor was given an inverse Mohawk, and the trigger wheel (originally two rings) has completely disintegrated.

Overall the Fab9 trigger wheel is a poor design, and is weak due to the four mounting tabs used to connect the inner (stock bolt pattern) ring to the outer toothed (and ATI mounting) ring. And, yes, I get it: Fab9 did it this way to reduce manufacturing costs by producing a single product for stock + ATI bolting, with the ATI requiring the machining off of the inner ring. Hence, thin tabs. But the tabs are weak, and stock bolt pattern applications are at risk of breakage.

For reasons I truly do not understand, though, the sensor still functioned after this. Regardless, I have a new one on order.

Spoiler Alert

This wasn't the last time it happened.

Fab9 trigger wheel is garbage #2
Yeah, so, Fab9 replaced their utterly destroyed trigger wheel for free and I happily went about installing their replacement solely to restore driveability. ... I really didn’t learn my lesson. Less than 72 hours later I was on the side of the freeway yet again, waiting on a different tow truck