tl;dr. I installed these, it ran for less than 30 seconds, died, and wouldn't start again no matter what I did. I'm done. I wasted my money.

In all seriousness I'd pretty well sworn off any and all Fab9 products after multiple prior poor experiences, but I got a great deal on a used (but never used by the purchaser) Fab9 COP setup that I couldn't say no to so here I am installing it.

First, while I watched the seller cut open the box from Fab9, the components inside were used, both the coils AND the spark plugs. Beyond that, 3 of the 4 spark plugs were missing their seating ring.

Now, straight up, none of this surprises me. It would take absolutely zero convincing to have me believe Fab9 resold a returned (yet used) kit.


No instructions were included inside the box, so I had to rely on my Google-fu to locate the necessary information.

Key points

  • Stock replacement (NGJ, Denso, etc.) Miata spark plugs do not actually fit into the coils naturally; you're required to remove the head of the spark plug and directly insert the threaded stud into the coil
  • Brand new Denso IK24 plugs do not have a removable head
  • Fab9 has is now shipping Brisk DR14YS plugs with their COP kits
  • Spark plug torque spec according to Mazda is 11-17 ft/lbs


Parts List

  • Fab9 coil-on-plug kit, used (link)
  • Denso IK24 (P/N 5311) (link)
  • Brisk DR14YS (link)

Final Thoughts

Seriously, fuck Fab9.