Working draft...

The Tank

Pacific Customs 10" x 36", 11.1 gallon EFI side-fill spun aluminum tank

  • One-way Check Valve Roll Over Vent 3/4 Tall 9/16
  • Sending unit SAE flange
  • Non-vented gas cap
  • 6-AN tank fittings
  • Internally baffled

The Pump, Filter, Regulator

An external pump, fuel filter, and (for us returnless fuel system people) a fuel pressure regulator were required.

The Sender

Recommendation from KUS, the manufacturer of the sender, is to pick a length 1/2" shorter than the tank height. As such I ordered a 9.5" sender with the American standard output, 240 Ohms empty to 33 Ohms full in 0.5" increments.

A voltage divider is required to pull the a usable signal from the fuel sender. A 100 Ohm resistor is mathematically best and would yield the widest voltage range between full and empty, but I damaged the only 100 Ohm resistor I had and after that I only had a 27 Ohm resistor. And I was impatient, so there's that.

Integrating with Megasquirt

The Math

This site was extremely handy for me:

Agriculture and Forestry : Applications & Tools

While my tank is listed as 36" long with a 10" diameter, the ends are semi-spherical and so the total volume isn't a full 36 inches. Yes, I could have done the math to figure it out, but I really didn't want to, so for the purposes of my calculations I'm using 32.75" as my tank length since that works out to the 11.1 gallon stated capacity.

The Agriculture and Forestry volume tool automatically generates a handy table, which I then recreated with different/additional data.

Parts List

  • Pacific Customs 10" x 36" 11.1 gallon tank (link)
  • Pacific Customs one-way check valve
  • KUS SSS/SSL Sender, 240 Ohm to 33 Ohm, 9.5" (link)