Honestly the included bracket is worse than something hacked together exclusively with zip ties.

Two fundamental problems

  • The placement/spacing of the bracket is too far rearward from the throttle body, resulting in an overly tight throttle cable
  • The flimsy metal of the bracket allows for too much deflection at full throttle, which at times was enough to allow the throttle cable to pop off and scare the absolute crap out of you while you're attempting a full throttle datalog pull in 4th gear on a back country road and you seriously think you blew your engine

... ask me how I know.

Note the shift in bracket location to bring it closer to the throttle body. I positioned the rear bolt hole as far rearward (closer to the throttle cable mount point) as possible while still letting the flanged bolt seat flush.

Parts list

  • 1.5" x 1.5" x 1/8" aluminum stock