The stock Miata neck sticks out ungainly from the Exocet, and even trimmed down it's a terrible look. There are several possible solutions for this, all of which are dependent upon your choices around bodywork: yes/no, and how much fabrication you wish to take on.


The full, undoctored NB Miata factory fuel tank filler neck on an Exocet.

OEM, shortened

Shortening the rubber portion of the filler is possible, though the gas cap is still well outside of the chassis.


Swapping out the stock neck entirely is the only real option. Fortunately for me I went with zero bodywork, so making everything fit inside of a fiberglass shell wasn't a requirement.

Step 1 parts list:

This will at least clean things up, but it does lack proper bracing and venting.

Notes: plug the vent tube above the filler neck for now. The main vent (originally part of the charcoal canister system) is more than sufficient.

Step 2 parts list:

... more to come on this.

Step 3 parts list:

  • 18mm cap and clamp

Plugging the stock charcoal port on the fuel tank. Still testing this out to ensure it's working correctly in conjunction with the vented gas cap...