2004 Mazdaspeed Miata GT

  • 178bhp turbocharged 1.8L inline 4-cylinder
  • 6-speed manual transmission
  • Rear wheel drive, Torsen limited slip differential
  • 156k miles
  • Two previous owners
  • $5,000

The good?

  • Full service history, most major components well serviced
  • Almost fully stock, still running stock boost
  • Started immediately, drove well overall
  • Racing Hart wheels were round

The bad?

  • Low compression (140psi across all cylinders)
  • Intercooler piping internally coated with oil, likely from the turbo
  • Turbo inlet elbow ripped
  • Excessive steering play due to work steering column u-joint

The ugly?

  • Heavily rusted body, though this mattered very little for an Exocet conversion
  • Undercarriage drenched in oil from a seeping oil pan and leaking rear main seal
  • What suspension bits weren't covered in oil were rusty
  • Missing 1 of 4 sway bar end links; simply not present on the vehicle
  • Third gear was barely functional, and the transmission rebuild was far more expensive than planned
  • Turbo shaft play and damaged compressor blades, warped exhaust manifold
  • Driver-side motor mount was completely separated

Parting out the donor

Part Notes Recouped
Passenger fender, both bumper covers, both doors and sills -$500
Headlights -$350
Hard Dog roll bar -$320
Seats -$200
Convertible top -$200
Tail lights -$100
Hood -$100
Trunk, spoiler -$100
Driver fender -$75
MSM downpipe -$200
Tires -$125
FlyinMiata intake kit -$200
Wind splitter (with BOSE speakers) -$200

Initial driveline repair list

Part P/N Notes Cost
Transmission rebuild Haas Transmission $1,700.00
Flywheel machining NAPA machine shop $75.00
Stage 1 clutch kit 08-19010 FlyinMiata $399.00
Continental radiator hoses 66022, 66023 $39.52
Moog upper ball joints RK622178, RK622179 $82.80
Moog lower ball joints K9908 $90.90
Moog sway bar links K750106, K750107, K90516, K90517 $103.80
Moog inner tie rods EV800028, EV800029 $76.16
Moog outer tie rods ES3191 $83.74
Energy Suspension master set 11.18102G $247.96
SPC camber bolts 83180 $103.96
Dorman brake master cylinder M630246 Non-ABS conversion $66.70
Power Stop front & rear brake kit K4468 $357.47
Rear main seal kit BS 40634 Fab9 $13.99
Oil pump seal kit TCS45921 Fab9 $9.39
PCV valve grommet E301-13-338A Genuine Mazda $4.89
Oil cooler o-ring KL01-14-702A Genuine Mazda $13.49
O-ring for oil filler cap 8871-10-252 Genuine Mazda $4.89
Center Console Insulator NA01-64-481B Genuine Mazda $24.00
Turbocharger oil line gasket B6F4-14-293 Genuine Mazda $2.31
Turbocharger oil line gasket BP8J-14-293 Genuine Mazda $2.46
Turbo oil outlet pipe BP8J-14-260 Genuine Mazda $73.98
Engine oil seal B541-10-428 Genuine Mazda $14.49
Turbocharger gasket BP8J-13-710 Genuine Mazda $51.99
Exhaust pipe To manifold gasket BPM1-40-450A Genuine Mazda $13.54
Manifold gasket BP8J-13-4M0 Genuine Mazda $27.30
Turbocharger gasket BPS7-13-490 Genuine Mazda $61.80
Catalytic converter gasket KL84-40-305 Genuine Mazda $18.30
Lower steering column joint NC10-32-850 Genuine Mazda $97.35
Engine oil dipstick tube seal 9954-10-0906 Genuine Mazda $3.83
Stabilizer bar bushings NE45-34-156A, N023-28-156 Genuine Mazda $24.58
Brake overhaul kits N0Y7-26-46Z, B2YD-33-26Z Genuine Mazda $116.75
Dipstick BP4W-10-450 Genuine Mazda $20.13
Front e-brake cable NA01-44-150D Genuine Mazda $26.96
Coolant gaskets B621-15-173, E301-15-287, B366-15-165 Genuine Mazda $14.86
Clutch slave cylinder 08-46500 FlyinMiata $17.29
Rear main/crankshaft seal 04-26020 FlyinMiata $23.99
Speed bleeders 14-49100 FlyinMiata $41.98
Upgraded PCV 04-96005 FlyinMiata $22.99
MSM check valve kit 36-90100 FlyinMiata $45.99
Mazda Competition motor mount M04-70155 FlyinMiata $107.98
Mishimoto radiator MMRAD-MIA-99 Original was corroded $219.84
ARP studs M10 x 1.25 x 55mm, 10pcs 400-8027 Exhaust manifold $138.80
ARP studs M8 x 1.25 x 45mm, 4pcs 400-8003 Turbo inlet $50.63
ARP studs M8 x 1.25 x 51mm, 4pcs 400-8004 Turbo outlet $50.83
NGK spark plugs ZFR6F11 $48.96