To quote myself: don't ever, ever outsource your engine building to an under-qualified idiot.

Didn't detect the engine fan at first start

  • 2EFF - Fan Mechanical Hardware Defect
  • Odd
  • Issue went away on it's own

VANOS issues

  • 2D55 - Variable camshaft timing control (VANOS), intake, cold start: not controllable
  • This took a while to track down, far longer than it should have, when really I should have started off with new solenoids as a first step

Preliminary attempt

  • Replaced the intake VANOS, no change

Root cause

  • The new "OEM" VANOS solenoids were, in fact, knockoffs
  • Pro tip: genuine OEM BMW VANOS solenoids (P/N 11368605123) have black seals, not green

Boost leaks

  • 28A0 - Intake pipe absolute pressure, plausibility: Pressure too high
  • 2820 - Absolute pressure sensor, intake pipe: Multiple fault

So this was fun...

Root causes, plural

  • Torn hot-side intercooler coupler
  • Missing 1 of 2 bolts holding the MAP sensor in place
  • Torn MAP sensor o-ring gasket


  • 2EE0 - Combustion misfiring, several cylinders: Fuel injection deactivation
  • 2EED - Combustion misfiring, cylinder 4: Fuel injection deactivation
  • 2EFE - Misfire, several cylinders: Damaging to catalytic converter or damaging exhaust gas
  • 2F02 - Misfire, cylinder 4: Damaging to catalytic converter or damaging exhaust gas

Preliminary attempt

  • Plugs were less than 250 miles old, so age was dismissed as the issue
  • Rearranged coils and plugs to see where the misfires went to, and noticed the misfire did move but didn't follow the coils

Root cause

  • Evidently this particular set of spark plugs was dropped from a significant height, resulting in broken porcelain on two plugs plus internal damage to at least one more